ISSA – Art, Life, Mental Illness

his art, life, mental illness
in conversation with geo

      1. excerpt-001-convo-with-issa-on-art-and-life-120814_01

day 2 conversation

      2. unedited-002-convo-with-issa-art-painting-8-16-2012

excerpt– second second conversation

      3. excerpt--002-convo-with-issa-art-painting-8-16-2012

edited – complete -second conversation – edited

      4. edited=002-convo-with-issa-art-painting-8-16-2012

001-convo- first conversation – not edited

      5. 001-convo-with-issa-on-art-and-life-120814_01

flash version as back up too

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