Howard Bloom – Pondering the Imponderable documentary

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom a Celebration of the Odd – by geo geller a 24 hour experiential experimental documentary

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom is an experiential exploration of Howard Bloom the man, the dream, the dreamer, author, scientist, artist, lover, thinker, empathic, suicide, music, celebrities, Robin Williams, his body, being an explorer into his invisible self, spulnker (caver) of his own mind as he digs in to imponderable unfathomable depths of his own personal revolution in search of the Unified Theory of Everything including his own soul

Wikipedia: Howard Bloom (born June 25, 1943) is an American author and scientific thinker. He was a publicist in the 1970s and 1980s for singers and bands such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Talking Heads,Lionel Richie, ZZ Top, Styx, Bette Midler, AC/DC, Simon & Garfunkel, John Mellencamp, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Kiss, to name a few. He handled Bob Marley including his Uprising Tour. In 1988 he became disabled with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since then, he has published three books on human evolution and group behavior, The Genius of the Beast, Global Brain, and The Lucifer Principle.

Howard Bloom on his and Robin Williams Suicide and Beyond by geo geller –
filmed August 14, 2014 two days after Robin Williams left his body behind

Howard Bloom celebrating his A.D.D, O.C.D, Obsessions and Mental illness

Howard Bloom celebrating his Oddness and just about everything eles he can think about – partial list – just poke around you might be surprised

Pondering the Imponderable a Celebration of the ODD with Howard Bloom – everything you never imagined, a day in the life of Howard Bloom a 24 hour experiential non-linear documentary – In this latest of 70+ hours of conversation June 22 2014 we talk about life, death, women, man, the Invisible Self, his dreams, of making a tv series, depression, film, Sex and Love, parties, autism, mental illness to touch on a few -more at

a work in progress 24 hour non-linear non-story story the Universe According to Howard Bloom: conversation and eavesdropping on a celebration of the odd, the eclectic, the imponderable Ponderings of Howard Bloom in conversation with geo geller this is the somewhat complete unedited non-linear, non story story version with Howard about the Universe According to Howard with intimate commentary about everything including the unimaginable, the Invisible Self, with insightful and intimate references to Michael Jackson, Prince, Bette Midler etc mixed in with musing and amusings about science, art, politics, sex, drugs, rock n roll and the unimaginable we even solve the riddle of the Big Bang Theory of the Bagel vs the Bean Bag theory of the universe in somewhat a converse-sation about everything and nothing but fear not there is more to this then meets the eye and more or less too – you decide in this non-linear non-story story

Howard Bloom (born June 25, 1943) Bio Praise and what people are saying about Howard – is an American author and scientific thinker. He was a publicist in the 1970s and 1980s and had the Howard Bloom PR company, largest Music PR company at the time, with clients: Michael Jackson, Prince, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper,Talking Heads, Lionel Richie, ZZ Top, Bette Midler, AC/DC, Simon & Garfunkel, John Mellencamp, Earth, Wind & Fire, Kiss. Bob Marley, Hall and Oates, AC/DC, Run DMC,

Bloom has written a number of books, including: The Lucifer Principle, The Genius of the Beast, Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century. and The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates among self-published e-books. visit

somewhat incomplete version of everything but the truth and nothing but the truth in Howard’s own words – well not actually everything as with Howard Bloom there is always more to this then meets the eye 84 videos 36 hours – in this series up to march 23, 2014 – there is a lot more that i need to add too this play list among others – to experience this – just bounce around randomly for experiential experience of a life time
if any problems go to Playlist on Youtube

Invisible Self – excerpt a Conversation on work in progress doc – with Howard Bloom as co-host

Howard Bloom on Michael Jackson

experience howard partial playlist 36 hours –

this conversation from 1/11/2014 9 videos 3 hours, 48 minutes

1/19/2014 walk and talk and tea lounge and beyond 8 videos 2 hours 30 min

celebration of mental illness and using it to drive you forward to discover new world

Howard Bloom on Empathy

12/08/2013 Pondering The Imponderable with Howard Bloom by geo geller – conversation and eavesdropping on Howard Bloom – work in progress

Howard Bloom on How Dogs Tamed People

Stay Tooned there is a lot more to come too

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